American Love

by Lance Taylor

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Recorded in the summer of 2011 in Annapolis, Maryland. Part folk, part rock, part blues, electric and acoustic versions of 13 Lance Taylor original tunes.


released March 28, 2016

Lance Taylor: Guitars, Vocals, Mandolin, Organ Noel White: Drums, back-up vocals, engineering, production Larry Melton: Bass David Hadley: Lap steel, pedal steel



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Lance Taylor Key West, Florida

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Track Name: For A Woman
I've been thru the fire a time or two and i'm too young to feel this blue
new love old love what do I know? I think about the time and wonder where does it go
coal dark night, cut with a flare, wherever I go now she'll be there and...
Everything I ever done, I done for a woman
She gets inside and it can feel so nice, in the night it's warm but in the day like ice
and I lived the free breath of my life down in her secret tomb in the middle of the night
and I can't say the right words to be sure, that girl will never hear a word a word or more
and I know that i'm not there, she's so far away hell I still care and...
Everything I ever done I done for a woman
The things I done, the good and bad, the memories I got could drive a man mad
but I did all I done for just one choice and I couldn't help but to speak my voice
and I know there's words I can't take back now, but somewhere they'll make sense somehow
someday far on down the darkened road you can forget about me honey and lighten your load and...
Everything I ever done I done for a woman...
Not ruled by one, ruled by many
I think about ends, dead end beginnings drinking
thinking 'bout a woman...
Well you can scratch it off another stolen season, just another blame another silly reason
To star over right back where you began, you can run around in circles 'til you come home again
and I don't know where I'm headed to, my heart has turned a deeper shade of blue
but I'll live on no matter the cost if it's me i've won and you i've lost and..
Everything I ever done, I done for a woman...
Track Name: Poorbaby
Well her mama went crazy and her daddy killed her dog now the world owes her a life living high on the hog, poor baby...poor baby...
poor baby nobody owes you a god-damn thing
She grew up poor and didn't have much, she goes through her life using her past as a crutch, poor baby...poor baby
poor baby all your friends they feel so sorry for you
Everybody has had hard times, baby you're not the only one
but I got no sympathy for you 'cause you have no compassion for anyone
Her heart is cement religion is resentment the world doesn't deserve the grace of her talent, poor baby...poor baby..
Poor baby nobody ever did anything for you
You cannot love her 'cause nobody ever did, she doesn't believe she's invested in it, poor baby...poor baby
Poor baby doesn't want anything she can't destroy
Funny how you're always the victim, funny how you've never done wrong
sometimes i'd like to wish you to hell but then i'd have to feel sorry for the devil...
She surrounds herself with sycophants, a friend is someone who tells her she's right, poor baby...poor baby...
poor baby you know you couldn't be more wrong
Like iron sulfide pretty on the surface, take it to the market it's pretty much worthless..poor baby...poor baby
poor baby your good looks are only gonna take ya so far...
Track Name: Connecticut Sky
Connecticut Sky where I live and where I die
Headed up the road on highway 95
The traffic is jammed and so is my head
my stomach is tight like a ball of lead
i've been trying to make it better
Lord i'm doin' the best I can
it's so hard to win
it's how you take losing, that makes you a man
I've been trying to walk the line but the line is tight
I might not make it but maybe I might
You probably think i'm helpless and damaged goods
but I wouldn't change that even if I could
yeah you got your own way, you got yours and i got mine
we could stick together
or say goodbye, goodnight, see ya later hope you're doin' fine
and oh, oh darlin', I know that you'll be fine
and i'm still here for ya, if you should think
I'm worth your time
Well I pleaded and I plead, I cut off my feet and stood on one leg
I wait for the mail but it don't come
it's time you go back where you come from and that ship'll be sailing
sailing away without me
I guess i'll go back to bein' what I used to be
Connecticut Sky where I live and where I die
I can see your soul and you can see mine
I tried so hard and that ain't no lie
never means forever, thanks for the time
Track Name: All These Things
We sat on the porch in the pouring rain
your eyes held fire and your skin in shone like the sun
We talked to pass the hour and I saw just who you were
a soul on a quest for the innocent and pure
But all of these things have gone down in the flood
my eyes are full of sadness, my tears are fool's blood
and all of these things are washed to the sea
they leave nothing in their wake, just another memory
And this pain, is like a rolling train
'round the bend it keeps coming my way again
We walked to the eye of the storm
you wore nothin' but your coat
now the wind the rain and the night
will never have nothin' on you
If we are the ones we seek
where am I and where are you?
Without you my darling, i'll always be blue
And all of these things have gone down in the flood
my eyes are full of sadness, my tears are full of love
and though these things may be washed to the sea
forever in my heart, they'll live in my memory
Track Name: Paint It A Mellow Blue
There's a pair of eyes tonight looking down from the city sky
like the eyes of a lover that knows when you're not true
There's a fire in the hills tonight a faraway flame burning bright
when I see that flame so much like your heart
I know there will never be another quite like you, no other quite like you
My friends are scattered far and wide, Minnesota to the Great Divide
they're in my dreams and I pray i'm in theirs too
The only thing there is is love
everything else is just fragments in a broken mirror
day by day your childhood mind, you leave it farther behind
and all the while the sun keeps getting near, the sun keeps getting nearer
Saturday my favorite day, I walk to the fields and play
it frees my mind from the vines and the merciless mire
So many things I never meant to say
a lot of weight pushed against the grain
but the river you know it only flows one way, it only flows one way
The river bends toward it's goal, to the sea or so i'm told
i'll ride that river until my days are through
Together we walk this weary world
hand in hand boy meets girl
you were meant for me and I was meant for you
lord knows I was meant for you
And her heart is pure and clean, dancing through a dreamer's dream
and no other heart on earth could be more true
Like a locomotive runs on steam, she moves through me and it seems
she could take all the pain in the world and paint it blue
paint it a mellow blue...paint it a mellow blue...paint it a mellow blue...
Track Name: Home is in Your Heart
When you're walking through this world all alone
trying to find a home of your own
you better stand straight and pay your dues everyday
and make sure you stay outta' your own way
Home is in your heart, home is in your heart
don't be the one to tear yourself apart
When you've got a worried mind
look to a friend and a friend you'll find
you better listen up and listen up good
and don't stray too far from your neighborhood
Home is where you start, home is where you start
take heed of the ones who care for your heart
Take something bright from your rainy day
you're gonna need it when you move on your way
This world can be cruel, hard on your health
so please baby please don't be so hard on yourself
Don't tear yourself apart don't tear yourself apart
enough is enough you only have one heart
You've got it, you've got it so good
It's just that your love has been misunderstood
Break from your past and let your heart bleed anew
there's something better waiting up ahead for you
Track Name: Big Mouth Girl
Here she comes talking, talking that trash
extra extra! it's the latest news flash
so and so did so and so
tune in here don't you wanna know
You're taking that dirt and you spread it around
eatin' up gossip like a chowhound
Ain't nothin' worse in this whole wide world
then a back-stabbing, trash-talking big mouth girl
She's unsought, she's a tosspot
she'll try to make is what is not
She's bad drunk with a dirty mind
she's the nails on the board
she's the daily grind
A smile to your face and a curse to your back
spewing forth filth like a smokestack
There ain't nothin' worse in this whole wide world
than a back-stabbing trash-talking big mouth girl
My momma told me misery loves company
if you invite that sort of crowd in they tend to stick around
You know I've had more than my fair share of this kind of stupid
so I don't share my business with a woman who can't mind her own
Here she comes talking, talking that trash
extra! extra! it's the latest newsflash
so and so did so and so
tune in here don't you wanna know
You're taking that dirt and you spread it around
eatin' up gossip like a chowhound
ain't nothin' worse in this whole wide world
than a back-stabbing trash-talking big mouth girl
Track Name: Farewell
Wish there was something I could say
Wish there was something I could do
Most times I wish that I could just talk to you
Since we've been apart you send me no regards
and every chance that you get, you step on my heart
Oh do you want me to lie to you honey?
You ask me for the truth but you don't wanna hear it
Can't you see I mean it when i'm sorry that I hurt ya
so if this is the end I really gotta tell ya
Fate carved out for us a very singular space and time
I just wanna thank ya honey before you head on down the line
You will always have a special place in my heart and mind
but farewell my sweet love I hope life treats you kind
farewell my sweet love I hope life treats you kind
Track Name: Travelin' On
So you say this is the place to be
wait a while then come back and see me
This town is being dragged through the mud
feast your eyes on the tracks and the trail of blood
The greedy get their way you see there is no limit
You best watch your step or get caught up in it
You look to find your own dreams and they're long gone
So I' travelin' on....
The city lives and the city dies
To watch it go is an offense to my eyes
I watch 'em roll I see the pig in shit
I'm disgusted and it's time to quit
Get a load of this I think i'll speak my mind
The poor man does the time for the lawman's crime
We all let it slide though we know it's wrong
in poverty I would rather be travelin' on
Truth is fire but cotton is king
The servant's head is in the guillotine
Crap is gold and the art's in the tank
Sing hallelujah all the way to the bank
But it's an avalanche and you just can't stop it
The point of no return has been long forgotten
But I don't give a damn I'll sing my rebel song
then i'll be travelin' on....
Track Name: Good Love
Had a good love honey, where did it go?
Did our love get lost in a side show?
Tonight the rain pours down from the top of the sky
I catch a hand full of memories of you and I...had a good love...
I woke this morning and the thunder cracked
and in the shadows of the aftermath I heard the voice of no goin' back
Time has made us strangers and to you I am unknown
Mired in a restless mind of memories and opportunities blown...
...had a good love
Gonna have to face up to my feelings
gonna have to take things nice and slow
Gonna have to learn to live somehow without ya by my side
still i'll find me a better place in my mind
Had a good love honey, so sad to end
but my soul blows crazy on the sails of a derelict wind
There are no words left to speak no more letters to send
show me a life beyond this pain I might love you there again...
...had a good love....
Track Name: Pity
My baby took a fast train, caught herself an airplane
offered me her cheek, before she flew
With no future no promise, as if it all were harmless
but we're standing in different shoes
I don't want your pity, I want your love and you know it's true
Her heart lives in dreamland, but that's so far from where I stand
It's not a place, where I could go
neither go nor know, time is moving slow
I play the waiting game, I play the waiting game
and in spite of this pain, you know I want you
I want you just the same, I want you just the same
Oh but she's a cat and she falls, but she lands on all four paws
Without her my flaws, are starting to show
The promises of hope, are something we hold true
But we ain't that young, anymore
still I give my love and still I give my heart
but love is hot love is cold then blue, love is cold then blue
I dont' want your pity, I want your love
so baby don't bluff me, just give me some of that stuff
I want ya so bad, it's been drivin' me mad
all night and day, what more can I do?
I don't want your pity, I want your love, and you know it's true
I know you know it's true....
Track Name: One Time Around The Sun
The life I once knew is dead and gone
Lovers are now planning for the spring
There's no goin' back my heart in mourning, what's done is done
and it's only one time around the sun
You left me thinking we'd just begun
but it's only one time around the sun
So i'll be flying on to places unknown
and this time i'll be looking out for my own
In you I lost myself and failed to heed warnings, my race is run
and with you it's one time, around the sun
and so we live to fight another one
but all we get is one time around the sun
Oh my lord my heart is broken
The time has been stripped away and stolen
I don't recognize that face she's wearing
Reflected in the glass through which i'm staring
You live in my heart you live in my soul
you're with me everywhere i'll ever go
and about so many things you were so wrong, but the web is spun
and with you it's one time around the sun
With the taste of your kiss still on my tongue
but all we get is one time around the sun
remember one time around the sun...
Track Name: Almost Heaven
I've been feeling low-down lower than ever before
now i'm on the losing side, love took me for a ride
I saw you framed in light down by the waterfront
that was two long years ago, oh the time, where does it go?
There was some connection such expression in your smile
and i saw you around once in a while, but I always knew
Yeah I always knew that someday you would be mine
some things are meant to be true, but I knew, i'd lose ya too...
Almost heaven, lord I never been this close before
Almost heaven, when you walked through my door
Almost heaven but still so far out of reach
Almost heaven....
In life we wander aimless then we find someone to love
but it's a gamble every time, you put your heart on the line
As far as lovers go i've had my fair share
but now someone has hit me from behind, lord have mercy on the blind
Now I get the lesson but I don't get that girl
her heart is filled with caution and distrust, farewell, set sail I must
Fate brought us together and fear tore us apart
it always finds its way in somehow, oh fear, you'll fear me now
Almost heaven, my oh my what have I done?
Almost heaven, you'll always be the only one
Almost heaven, how far we fall from grace
Almost heaven...
Shook me down and turned me around
shook me down and turned me around
shook me down and turned me around...and left me high and dry...
Every time I look into those Cadillac eyes
I'm reminded of the storms that we drove through, me and you,
were always in the rain
What chance did we have two lovers on the run
now I face these changes all alone, she clipped my wings, I cannot fly
I get through these days in the loneliest of ways
torn between the wiseman and the fool, my heart's been torn in two
They say time heals all wounds and lord I pray that's true
and when all is done and all is new, my sweet friend, i'll remember you
Almost heaven, it's a comin' up around the bend
Almost heaven, so sad it had to end
Almost heaven, i'll try i'll try again
Almost heaven
Almost heaven
Almost heaven....