Loose Change

by Lance Taylor

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This album is a collection of recordings I made on a Tascam 4-track a Boss Br-8 and a Roland VS-880 between 1998-2003. Most of the songs were recorded on the 4-track, some transferred to the other machines where some overdubs were done. This is somewhat of a "lo-fi" record and I'm very fond of it, it captures a time when I was very new to recording and writing songs and what was recorded was done without a whole lot of knowledge or study, I was just trying things out and recording with whatever I had. I remember even having one track available on the 4-track and recording acoustic guitar, bass & drums live to one track on an overdub. These songs were recorded in basements, living rooms and hotel rooms around the country from Wisconsin to Maryland to West Virginia to Key West, Florida with my impromptu setup that I traveled with at the time... there are noises in songs, rain, dogs barking, mistakes here and there but I love it all, I think this record truly captures a time and place for me and I couldn't make this record again if I tried...


released March 29, 2016

Lance Taylor, Greg Binney, Eric Collins, Todd Kreuzberg, Kevin McCahill, Jon Gosnell, Boomer, Rob Martin



all rights reserved


Lance Taylor Key West, Florida

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Track Name: Darkness Street
I live on darkness street, darkness is a friend to me
I draw sunlight from a silver moon, there is life and there is doom
My neighbors say, they don't live here, but I see 'em die year after year
I'll move on, come what may, darkness comes each 'n every day

You know this world, can break your heart, love it ends before it starts
Crickets chirp, birds they sing, some don't see the joy they bring
Shadows fill, the eyes so blind, shadows come from behind
The light ahead, the tunnels bend, the road of life it never ends

I've had friends and enemies, but I love them both equally
There is loss and regret, there is pain I can't forget
I may win, I may lose, but the path I take I alone must choose
And there are lights, on darkness street, they guide my way to victory
Track Name: Deeper Shade of Blue
I guess we've all been through this sort of thing before
Without any reason we keep coming back for more
and boredom's a space that only this paper can fill
there's little or nothing that time cannot kill
My mood has nothing to do with you
but i'm different now, a deeper shade of blue

And we're all prisoners of our own space and time
You've got your restraints and you know that I've got mine
But you've got the nerve to ask me, "why can't you change?"..
and there are some things you can never rearrange
You played the fool and I played it too
but i'm wiser now, a deeper shade of blue

And i've seen weeks go by in a matter of daze
I felt love come and go like the crashing waves
And in my ear i've heard the beating of your heart
Now that you're gone the silence tells me apart
Our space in time is passing through
So i'm colder now, a deeper shade of blue

I miss my friends I wonder where they are
I try to keep them with me, you know it's hard
And chasing you makes me too tired to see
That you and me ain't ever gonna be
Well some you win and some you lose
But i'm moving on I'm tired of waiting for you
Track Name: We Lost Our Way
In the thick of the night when the creatures come
I think of old lovers come and gone
We swore we'd love one another every day
but we lost our way, we lost our way

I think of old letters, all full of love
that I wrote to you so high above
Now I don't mean I didn't mean what I say
but we lost our way, oh we lost our way

It's hard for two lives, to live as one
it's hard for one life to live alone
Confusion fills each and every day
and we lost our way, we lost our way

Do you remember mushroom summer,
Down on Onley in Salisbury town?
Three years have passed i'm still in a daze
And we lost our way, we lost our way

Well I told you once, I told you twice
I needed more space in my life
But you were wise and knew that I was afraid
and we lost our way, we lost our way

I'm looking down the pipeline of years
I feel the sting of bitter tears
With every word you spoke that day
I knew that we'd lost our way, oh we'd lost our way

I play guitar, I hope for a song
I know that this feeling never lasts long
From this path I will never stray
No I won't lose my way, no I won't lose my way
No I won't lose my way, no I won't lose my way,
No I won't lose my way, no I won't lose my way,
No I won't lose my way....
Track Name: Wild Weekend
Oh what a wild weekend, I saw friends I didn't know I'd see again
Drinking at a wedding, at a church the setting, was a cemetery in a town
near Boston, near Boston...
Oh what a wild weekend, I caught a train Friday morning into Boston
I stepped out onto the street, just anxious to meet
a new friend to show me where to begin, my wild weekend...
Oh what a wild weekend, things got strange when I started drinking
I met Eddie the queer over Jack and a glass of beer
when I heard what he had in mind, I went walking
what a wild weekend...
Oh what a wild weekend I caught a ride from MaryAnn downtown
my hunger knew no end in the city so full of sin, smoked up in the alley
money's gone again...what wild weekend...
Oh what a wild weekend, I missed the eight thirty train leaving Boston
I could of waited around for a later train to leave town
instead I headed on down to highway 93, leaving Boston
Oh what a wild weekend, it's 25 miles between Andover and Boston
I walked all night long, with the words of this song my only company
to keep me strong, I walked all night long....
Oh what a wild weekend, Andover sits on the horizon
I never felt so tired as when I laid down on that bench, my spirit spent
where it went I can't say when.. what a wild weekend...
what a wild weekend...what a wild weekend...what a wild weekend...
what a wild weekend.....
Track Name: Couch#2
Sittin' gettin' too high, watchin' the time go by
lookin' to see what's inside, no there's nothin' really goin' on in there
So i'm dreamin' the way I always do, sleepin' inside of my shoes
Not worryin' 'bout nothin' at all, don't wanna answer don't wanna answer no call...oh no...
High speed slow lane blues, dancin' purple electric shoes
I got no time to pay no dues, wastin' away any ol' way I choose
Spillin' my guts to the ground, Johanna won't you follow me down?
Oh baby, you think we don't know, you're full of shit, baby it shows...
I'm smilin' what else could I do? Missus Henry won't you pump me a few?
Lord Calvert what have you done? My mind is mush, my mouth is a gun...
oh no...
Track Name: Everybody
I don't care who you think you are, a rich man mr movie star
no matter what you've gained the sacrifice brings the greatest of pain
Some times we're prone to look back, and curse the things that we lack
one thing remains for sure the memories of times we shared will endure
And through all the pain and strife, the hard lessons learned in life
one thing for sure I know is over time the grudges we bear will show
So I let go, forgive anyone who's ever done me wrong
There's only so much time I can waste in life
with so much to wonder about and never know why

Everybody needs somebody to talk to
but a friend ain't always easy to find
Everybody needs some hope to get through
Everybody needs somebody sometime

I spend the summer down on main street
people from far and wide I did meet
though none of them were the same they somehow always
seemed the same to me
What my eyes could not see, is looks can easily deceive
I cut some people off with only one or two seconds glance
So if you're thinking only of yourself, with no time for anything else
They'll be no lessons learned, no rebirth no joy of experience
So I take the chance, I drop my defense, I shade the jaded eye
There's only so much time, I can waste in life
thinkin' about ideals that'll never see the light....

I was thinking of a long lost friend
wondering when I would see him again
and just then well he showed up and though I'd planned
I still didn't know what to say
And as we sat our eyes met, the memories started coming back
and my heart it filled with joy to know we'd both shared dreams
we would never forget
The best of times they never last
and as we grow the days fly past
and just like that once more the day's dead end
and I was saying farewell again...
And there goes my friend, yeah he's flying away, and all that I can say
is that I hope next time, his path meets mine
we'll both laugh once more like we did yesterday...

Dedicated to the memory of Luke Scott 1973-2004
Track Name: The Memory of You
I am thinking of a freight train, I am wishing on an airplane
Yeah anything to get me out of here
Fly me away, far away from yesterday, take me away
far away from the memory of you

And this ol' town it don't seem like it used to
I look around, all I can see is you
All our old friends they've up and moved away
I see your smile reflected everyday, so while i'm here i'm consumed
by the memory of you

And there's a road out far beyond the highway
b'neath the stars one sweet short summer night
We held each other, tied in the arms of moonlight
That mean old sun, had to come, take you away
and all that's left is the scar and the memory of you

There's and old house on Hazel avenue
where we once lived and played and prayed together
We did our best but nothing lasts forever
Well looking back, I know that it was all that we could do
A haunted man, oh yes I am by the memory of you....

I wish her well wherever she might be
With another lover or running wild and free
See I can't trace the days that come between us
My mind drifts, like a ship upon a silent sea
Taking me back to yesteryear and the memory of me
taking me back to yesteryear and the memory of me...
Track Name: Let It Go
Fall in love without any reason, night wind cuts across a stolen season
I'm looking for something to believe in, it's nothin' I can touch or see
Poets bleed while their mothers are weeping
lovers cheat while lovers are sleeping
Ambition is a lonely weapon, is their comfort in the bed you sleep in?
Jealousy anger and fear, with blind eyes and we can't see clear
Resent the ones that we're thinkin' of, run away run away from love
let it go...let it go...let it go...let it go..let it go....

And I can't live in fear no more, I can't even feel no more
and I can't live in fear no more, I can't even feel no more....

So many things we can't leave behind
your prejudice and your expectation
We always learn but we learn too late
Look at all the loss that we create...let it go...let it go..let it go
let it go...let it go...let it go...let it go...let it go...let it go...let it go...let it go..let it go...let it go...let it go...let it go...let it go...
Track Name: Estella Ray
Estella now she's about 78, and I guess for all she's been through
she looks great...35 years behind the bar...in this smoky sea-side town
I guess you could say I spent a fair share of my time here
watchin' grey clouds disappear..Johnny and Ray...and no day is ever
different than before..'cept for strangers coming through the door

Summer sit and watch, ol' boats rollin' in, sailors and travelers
pretty clothes and all..well they'll sit and get a bite to eat and they'll drink the whole bar, but they'll be gone before last call
i'll be here come last call....

Well look here now, here comes four more
Tall one sits next to John who's always drinking Coors
aw shit man, there goes Ray walking by...
good Estella she can see him out the corner of her eye

Well Ray he says "listen here now, I got a story to tell, and I swear it's true though you may not know it well..see there's this big ol' fish he swims out on the bay"... then he turns and he walks away...orders one more round...

"I'm gonna catch that fish one day, as soon as I get off my stool
even a guy like me has still got dreams
I still not haven't quite yet drank them all away, I know there must be something left I swear i'm gonna catch that fish some day..."

And with those words ol' Ray hit the floor... somehow he still gets up and says "just one more"... Estella well she saw that coming from afar
says, "now Ray tell me where the hell do you think you are?
I may be 78 but it's still my bar"...oh yeah..

"I could of been a writer, fortune and fame, a million books for a million adventures, too wild to tame
and there's a night I dream of a fish and i'm gonna reel him in
leave for good this sleepy sea-side town and catch the ferry to Maryland...catch the ferry to... Maryland..."

"And who knows maybe I'll meet a princess there
and without shame i'll be proud for the first time to give my name
and together we'll fly on down to Chicoteague..
hold tight hold on tight to the horse's mane...
hold tight hold on tight to the horse's mane...
hold tight hold on tight to the horse's mane...

Still I know that ol' lady she must dream
about puttin' her feet up sometimes
she's lookin' distant out the window, I can tell she's thiking
but then she stops to wonder just then, who'd look after my boys?
tell me who? last call, i'll see y'all tomorrow...night....
Track Name: Omaha
Sittin' on a front porch lazy summer sunday
hear the roar of airplanes as they fly away
Telephone is ringin' and the birds are singin'
blue sky is bringin' me the blues today, she's flyin' away...Omaha

Butterflies are floatin' in the cool green grass
cats are in the shadows they dodge the sun's blast
Weeds are growin' up around my old car
I think about the days when we ran far away, from this place
a land of rust and dirty machines...life's a crazy dream...

Oh how could anyone know? oh, which way the wind might blow?
Oh and all that I can say, is living is living just for today,
is living just for today, is living just for today...

My baby she's a traveler and she was born free
she wants to be my lover but she don't want me
Plain for me to see my life's been in a rut
someday i'll break free and let the door slam shut on these
old haunted scenes, just an old scrapbook of bittersweet memories
bittersweet memories...what a sweet memory...
Track Name: Take It Easy Baby!
Take it easy baby, take the time to relax
Take it easy baby, take the time to relax your mind

I know you've been stressed out, work your hard hands to the bone
and I know you felt left out, by a life that leaves you alone
At times there seems no end, we sleep and we work again
but we cant enjoy the climb if we're too busy lookin'
at the top of the mountain

Take it easy baby, take the time to relax
take it easy baby, take the time to relax your mind

In life we look to a place, try 'n try to get ahead
all the while time we can't trace, responsibility is like lead
And I seen many people laughing, then again I seen many unhappy
If you don't like the way you're livin', make a change
and make it right now

Take it easy baby, take the time to relax
Take it easy baby, take the time to relax your mind

I've been down in the mire tied up tight in telephone wire
I've been uninspired, full on fire with no desire
All of us are one in the same, we only have ourselves to blame
For the time we spend in chains, for the time we break free again

The stress of life is worse than a bullet, it'll kill ya nice and slow
the more I see the more I know, there's so many things we
oughta' just let go
There's so much that I've forgotten, runnin' round like the devil's toy
and there's so much I want to remember
summertime laughter and childhood joy

Take it easy baby, take the time to relax
take it easy baby, take the time to relax your mind

I've seen grown men fighting like children
their egos precious and easily pushed
I seen grown men in silly competitions
their life revolves around being first
But I don't care for competition
I don't care to be number one
Number one is just a number
I just want peace when the day is done....

Take it easy baby, take the time to relax
Take it easy baby, take the time to relax your mind...
Track Name: Mad Mad Mad Mad World
My spirit drifts away and I know i've gone astray I have fallen
so i'm down on my knees won't you help me please I am calling
My spirit drifts away and I know i've gone astray I have fallen...

It's a mad mad mad mad world...it's a mad mad mad mad world..
it's a mad mad mad mad world...out there...

I'm lost and i'm found i'm goin' round and round I am spinning
I can hardly believe all the things I believed I am turning
Goin' back once again to my own space within i'm beginning
To see that it's true and right now for you God i'm burning...

It's a mad mad mad mad world
it's a mad mad mad mad world
it's a mad mad mad mad world...
Track Name: Work Whiskey Wine & Women
Work Whiskey Wine and Women i'm all fucked up and my head is spinning
I'm losing ground the bossman's winning
seems these days are never ending
and though I try to break free, something inside won't let me
so once again...
all I think about is work whiskey wine and women...

82 hours i worked this week, man it's a wonder I can even speak
my mind's wrapped up in the bottle waiting
whiskey soothes the burn of the hot sun drinking me I know
i'll get my rest, and get on back to the woman I love best, until then...
all i'll think about is work whiskey wine and women

I got me a wife in Ohio and I got another wife in Delaware
lord I know this is trouble coming for me, see I can't get free
it's alimony, alimony, god-damn woman now she thinks she owns me
think again...all I care about is work whiskey wine and women

And oh lord, are you trying to break me?
'cause the way I feel right now..you could come and take me

Lord have mercy on my soul
and won't ya keep my heart from the lonesome cold
if ya got a spare hand, why don't you lend it to me?
And i'll be thankful, i'll repent
but I ain't gonna lie honey i'll admit I live in sin...
'cause all I think about is work whiskey wine and women...
Track Name: Runnin' Away
Running away, running away for the time is fleeting
What can you say when the time is gone?
I don't why, why didn't I run this time?
I guess I've run so much for once I decided to stay, behind...

Runnin' away, Runnin' away, Runnin' away with the wind...

Well speaking of time I think in my mind
well I guess it's all on her side
And she reminds me of me when I was her age
How quickly she flies through the skies in her eyes
and she don't waste time
She don't look back she simply turns the page

Runnin' away, Runnin' away, Runnin' away with the wind...

She lives in her dreams and fearlessly sings
as the semis scream by on the road
She just smiles there's no cause for alarm
She don't hesitate but patiently waits
for her lover to come
She waits for me 'til I too am ready to run...

Runnin' away, Runnin' away, Runnin' away with the wind...